Durrn Orcs

Native to the Blasted Lands, the Durrn Orcs are a breed of orc which first emerged around 300~. A physically and mentally much more ‘stable’ breed than other, often misshapen or mentally unstable orc breeds they quickly conquered a homeland for themselves within the barren wastelands by the sheer virtue of their superior intellect more than strength. While as savage as any other orc breed, the bloodline of the Durrn Orcs seemed like one whose useful traits bred true. In time, these smarter and saner orcs began out breeding the dumber and crazier ones.

When Dhur Zarn’Gharok arose as the first great, unifying warlord of the Orclands, he was hailed as a savior and prophecized messiah to his people, setting in motion the inevitable expansion of a new orc culture.


There are few, if any pure-bred Durrn Orcs as they are a mongrel race which willingly incorporated countless other ideotribes and orcish subtypes within their bloodline. However, the common features of Durrn blood is that of a skin tone ranging from reddish tones to human-like, as opposed to the green or grey of ‘greenskin orcs’. Bony ridges or small horns are especially common and many Durrn orcs sport tusks like the greenskin cousins they assimilated. They have mostly human-like posture but tend toward larger builds, with thicker bones and muscles.

Durrn Orcs

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